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Telephone Systems

No two clients solutions are the same. Of course, some of the needs overlap, but we find that creating bespoke solutions by client is much more effective than just finding an off the shelf solution and having to work around unwanted compromises.

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Contact Centres

From arranging pro-active communications to optimising the workforce both front and back office, across every channel, mobile to digital, we can help you with design, procurement, implementation and optimisation.


Business Mobile

From SIM only, to free calls from mobile to landlines and shared allowances across your organisation, we can find the best solution for your team. There are even options to have multiple networks on the same SIM now!

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Audio & Video Conferencing

Whether you need the ability to make for impromptu or scheduled calls, with or without live assistance, we can help you source the right system. With the ability to provide free-phone dial-ins or geographic numbers for calling in worldwide,

Disaster Recovery

We can help you plan and prepare for everything from full loss of elements that support your data, e.g. Voice, data, images etc. all the way through to ensuring we help design a system that functions even when the network fails you.

Internet & IP Services

An Internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product, delivered usually over dedicated fibre, which provides uncontended internet speed. By having a dedicated line, it means that along the length of the line, the bandwidth is reserved solely for your use. Unlike consumer internet connections, leased lines deliver consistency, as, even at peak usage times, your dedicated bandwidth is fully protected.

We are experts in ......

Reducing operating costs

Managing business telephony

Improving team efficiency

Need a consultant

Full Network Audits

We are best placed to make an educated and informed review of your current telecoms network with no biased views. We can tailor our audits to focus on specific issues or challenges, or just to give you confidence that you have the best package at the best price for your business

Tender Writing and Evaluation

We do the hard work and only bring you those who cut the grade. Our extensive expertise in the industry means we know the movers and the shakers, we have proven track history in saving our clients thousands of pounds, and increasing the service levels they get form both existing and new suppliers.

Supplier Relationship Management

You can lean on us to set SLA’s, hold the suppliers to delivering them, work on improving them and making sure you’re first in line for any updates. We can help you to prepare for changes due to regulations, new innovations and the best levels of service provision possible.

Supplier Negotiations

We shop around to make sure we always know what the going rates are or all services. We’ve got the lingo, understand the sales patter and have probably walked in your suppliers’ shoes from time to time. That’s what makes us ideally placed to hold the strongest negotiations.

Telecoms Expense Management

We know sometimes you want the visibility of how much you’re spending. So whether you want a convergent billing solution, an analytics tool, the ability to measure ROI, check the accuracy of your bill or to simply take control of your spending, we can help you find the right tool for you.

Bill Analysis

We use our three-step process to complete a thorough review.
1. Audit your current telecom bills (voice, data, wireless and internet calls).
2. Analyse your spend and categorise it from efficient to inefficient.
3. Optimise your spend to get more for less.

Cost Reduction Audits

For us, it’s not just about knowing where you spend your money. We help you to know how you can spend your money better.
We fully audit your current telecom bills, across voice, data, wireless and internet calls.
We analyse your spend and categorise it from efficient to inefficient. We benchmark the rates you are paying with the market rates that we see every single day. And then we look at ways you can optimise your spend to get more for less.

Office Move

We can’t help you settle the age old argument on who sits where, but we can make sure that your
telephony and data architectures is structured, fitted and in tip top condition for when everyone moves in. And if that means updating the whole kit and caboodle, or just enhancing what you’ve already got, we can be the back up you just might need.


About Us

Sometimes the world of telecoms can seem a little daunting, a bit too fast moving and stuffed full of legislation and policies that put the most active minds to sleep. Thankfully, we adore all that stuff. We secretly think of ourselves as Telecom geeks. So we can help you navigate from the simplest of ideas to full-blown delivery of the most leading edge telephony and data system your company has ever seen.

We can act as consultants, partners, hand holders or just a shoulder to lean on. We want to help, not hinder, so we pride ourselves on being able to take the strain away, not add to it.

Give us the word, and we’ll get it all sorted for you. Just like that. And we don’t need to take the credit either. Just doing a good job is enough for us geeks.

Trusted by

Call Plan Solutions have acted as Telecoms Consultants to Chattertons Solicitors since 2006. Any new acquisition or office move has been carefully managed to ensure that there is minimum disruption to the day to day running of the practice, and advice given to ensure that existing services are maintained wherever possible; and alternative solutions provided when required. A review of our account is made annually, and we greatly appreciate that any proposals resulting from this are provided for our benefit, to ensure we are aware of possible cost reductions and service enhancements.

Liam Osborne

ICT Director at Chattertons Solicitors

Nikki worked hard to give us a good deal on our telecoms, and to ensure that we kept things that way. She often came up with new ideas to improve our business and was always pleasant and easy to deal with. In a business where some people “sail a bit close to the wind” Nikki was always completely honest and trustworthy.

Richard Harrison

IT Manager at Spellman Walker Limited

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